This is a little garden on the way home, I happen to notice after taking the picture that the entire garden is just evergreen trees.


New urinal cakes smell so good, even when you pee on them, there was two new ones today.


It wasn't even 10 in the morning and these guys were already sitting down eating, funny enough it was the 3 oldest guys in the group of all the people on the road.



These are bundles of sticks, that's all.


This picture was taken to display the wind blowing on my ride home, wind makes me so angry I feel like I am going to puke sometimes like when I ride my bike.


This is one of my favourite pictures I have taken so far, it is on my way home on this wall beside the bike path, it just looks so sweet.


This was a french hip hop/pop/ something, I don't even know, it was pathetic and hilarious, it was free in the park and the dude on stage was like 19 year old long haired super tight pants douche.


Some stain glass is so sweet, this was average in my opinion.


I kept waiting for the perfect opening to take this, and there were some good ones but I felt like there would be better, I was wrong, and this was the best I could do.



I don't know why, but I love this picture, all of todays pictures were taken in the same section of the canal, and this one is so nice.


I am really into picture of my shadow right now, they are just so cool.


These are the small locks on the Lachine, so cool how this works, its such old technology but incredible.


This was the first of what was going to be two pictures. This is a deck inside of a lock, it has a track system so it can raise with the water level, I thought it was pretty cool, I didn't want to wait for it to reach maximum height because it was taking forever, so I left.


This is the current messy state of my room. I move out this weekend, I will clean up then.



I really, really like this picture, a lot, its just nice.


This is an old busted down plant, for something, its another building on my ride home, I stopped to snap this one. I stayed a little late at work so the sun was lower in the sky, pleasant.


This guy thought he was so cool, until a bug bit him and he almost fell off his bike, comedic gold I tell ya.



This fountain shoots another stream after this one, which actually touches the ceiling, unfortunately I was being distracted by a crazy man. It sucked.


Korean BBQ Beef, this was so good, this was a fun dinner.


I am still not sure I understand, but man oh man, that is comedy.


This drink was free, still unhappy about getting a drink there, but it was delicious, I am not sure what it was to be honest but it was very good!


This is just.... This is way too cute.


This picture was originally about the little jar Nara's tea came in, but then she started trying to block herself out of the picture, so I purposely included her. I like Nara a lot, she is one of my friends here who has a very big heart and a very sharp mind, I thoroughly enjoy this girl.



This is the Atwater bridge, I took this around 12:30 at night, no one around, so peaceful.


Me and the guy in the red shirt ended up riding for like 2 km's, then he sped up and took off.


This was a banner of a lady looking all sexy, holding a white teddy bear. So awkward.


Again, a burger and a soda, this is the "Beeerger", it is said like a goat noise. It has goat cheese and bacon on it, with Mexicaine sauce for my fries, I have eaten this same thing many times.



This is the building, that the enormous piece of concrete fell off and killed the lady. That is terrible, so many factors could have saved her life.


Its funny seeing this guy on tv for all your life then you see him in real life.


I waited here for almost an hour, nothing happened, then big things happened and it was cool but I left.


These were in Urban Outfitters, I thought it funny that a company as legitimized and established as Nike literally has a demographic called "Hipster".


This is what I had for dinner, simple and stupid, and bad for me too!



This is Mario, a homeless man who talked Tyler into buying him incredible amounts of food. This is one man I am sad that I am not guaranteed to see again. Though he did not radiate happiness he was a very intelligent man who had lived his fair share of life. He told me bits and pieces of his life all of which were terribly unfortunate. He did however admit that he is not looking for, or desires having a job but he is still an awesome person. I recall him saying in his broken english "Its not like I have never slept outside, woken up and looked at a worm and had him say to me 'No, you can't eat me, you will have a better meal today!' there are things that I just have to do sometimes." This man really broke my heart. Honestly, a great person.


I had this dinner from Burger King, unhealthy, not that good and pretty expensive. Damn you fast food.


These are the two perpendicular hallways which I walk down everyday to get to the office. In the first image my office is the first door on the left.


Two friends fishing, the one on the right was about to begin a serious chase for the lid of his worms container.


I forgot my wallet at home and went back to get it at lunch. I rode really hard, I was very tired.



This is me and my friend Dan, we actually paid for these. And wore them on keychains for quite a while.


I took this today from a window in my office building. I never noticed how incredible the sky looked until I uploaded it. Sorry, this is the only picture for today!



This is what approximately 28 dollars in snacks looks like.


Mountain+Me=This picture.


This is just a watch for children sign, with a very, very creepy picture.


This is just another view of the previous post, this is a little to the left of the other picture.


This was a really nice sight, it is out in Granby, I wish you could tell how big this actually was.



This is a great band called Pulling Teeth, they were incredible tonight, they are much better live than recorded, which I very much appreciate in my music.


I was going to the show tonight and the train was going past and I rode under it again, this shot is before I went under the bridge.


Another shot of the Lachine Canal, I really like this thing.


This is todays page from Nara's cute overload calendar. After this we discussed camera phones.


Gates had a headache and complained all through lunch.